Custom Stuffed Animals – Personalized From Your Pets Pictures

Custom stuffed animals of your pet
you’ve been looking for!

There are SO many people out there that would absolutely LOVE having a stuffed animal that looks completely identical to their beloved pet. They would cherish that silly stuffed animal for the rest of their lives. Whether their adored pets are still with them, or have so sadly had to go, this is something that will truly MEAN something to them!

ear position dog and clone

Highest Quality Materials Used

These plush pets are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials. We scoured the internet trying to find stuffed animals that look as real, and soft and cuddly as these one, and Cuddle Clones was the ONLY one we could find that could create what the customer is truly looking for.

highest quality

What Are People’s Reactions?

If you’re wondering if someone will really LOVE their Cuddle Clone, just watch this video all the way to the end. These custom stuffed animals can mean more to someone than anything else.

So Many Awesome Products!

Not only do they create the best custom stuffed animals you could possibly hope for, they have a bunch of other customizable products to choose from!

Plush Cuddle Clones

Plush Slippers *NEW*


Golf Club Head Covers

Custom Figurines

Customized Ornaments

custom necklace

Granite Memorials

Cuddle Clones goes a little further though…

Does someone have a stuffed animal in rough shape, or lost?
They can recreate it from just a picture!

plush replacement

Or do you know an artist who created a drawing of an animal?
They can make that plush too!

creation from art

Ordering is easy! Just 3 little steps!


1) Upload literally as many pictures as you want of your pet. They create the custom stuffed animals from pictures!

2) Completely customize it; from ear position to eye color to tail position and so much more

3) Pay :/ Always gotta pay :/

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Use it as many times as you like, it never expires!! You never know when a furry friend could come in handy to someone!

Don’t Wait!
Give you or a loved one their best friend back!

There’s no better time than NOW to order your very own cuddle clone! Sometimes there can be a wait period to receive it (as it’s custom made!!) so just do it now and before you know it, you’ll have your pet back in your arms!


Use it as many times as you like, it never expires!! You never know when a furry friend could come in handy to someone!

Want more than one Cuddle Clone?

For every ONE additional purchase of the exact same cuddle clone, you receive $50 off.

And don’t forget the coupon code: MYPETCLONE for another 10% OFF your ENTIRE purchase!

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